Fuck New Year’s Resolutions

Fuck New Year’s Resolutions.  Most people who coach will say this is a great time to get clients and take advantage of people looking to make changes.  Change isn’t once a year though and it shouldn’t be something to focus on only when society says it’s that time of year.  Change happens daily.

There are millions of posts out there saying what the best resolutions are and how you can achieve them.  There are lots of people out there happy to say they will help you achieve your goals.  But you know what!  Those New Year’s goals are like fad diets.  They are awesome for about a month and then they go away.

That’s because they don’t work.  You can’t just decide I’m going to make a major change and expect that just because the year changes from 2015 to 2016 that it will magically happen.  No way.  It doesn’t work like that.  If you want to make a change in your life, a lasting change it doesn’t begin with a google search of best resolutions or repeating the same resolutions you made for the past 5 years (but this year I’ll really do it!).

Making changes to your life, real changes, requires disruption.  It requires shifting yourself out of your paradigms.  It means making yourself uncomfortable and facing your fears but going forward anyway.  Changing your life isn’t something that just happens at the New Year.  Changing your life happens every damn day you are alive.

But to do so you need a purpose and a vision.  Something to strive towards which is important enough for you to make those titanic shifts in your standard day.  A reason to not just focus on what makes you comfortable because it is familiar.  You need to find a reason to shout at the life you have and demand a change.  You need to be infuriated with how things are because you have a vision of what your life really can look like.  You need to destroy the assumptions you have of what is possible and reach beyond the horizon to grasp the sun.

With Love,

Garth Davidson

Disruption Coach

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