Disruption is Great!

Disruption “officially” defined:

to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal way : to interrupt the normal progress or activity of (something).” Merriam-Webster


Why would anyone want disruption?  Because the “normal” path they are on is actually counterproductive and it doesn’t feed their soul.  I’ve been there myself.  I used to be out of shape, watching tons of TV, not focusing on my personal relationships, and just following life along the rut that society told me was normal.  Fuck that I decided to live life on my terms!

What happened was that nine years ago I got hit with disruptive news which changed my life’s path.  I’ll not go into the details for the sake of others privacy but it was a significant revelation which shifted my understanding of my own personal reality and relationships.  The reality I existed in suddenly crumbled around me and I felt lost and abandoned.  What I had relied on to anchor myself in life was suddenly gone.  This disruption was the best thing to happen to me.

Life has challenges in it and as anyone who has lived can attest to there is really no predicting what will happen in life; best laid plans and all.  What we do and choose during these times of change and upheaval make all the difference.  So often our lives are stuck in tracks which were set by default based on family expectations, social norms, or religious dogma.  Suddenly we wake up realizing that we are living a life we have hardly had a conscious effort in choosing.  The problem is that it is so often a comfortable life, not necessarily and easy one, but comfortable and known.  Or if not comfortable then we either don’t have a vision for a better future or a plan to get there!

Then the unexpected happens.  We meet a new lover, lose a job, go bankrupt, win the lottery, get in an accident or any million other disruptions.  These are events which disrupt our lives and these are the opportunities we have for radical and comprehensive change.  Suddenly nothing is as it was and there is no road-map or playbook to rely on.  It’s times like these that we can turn to others for help and support.  We can also find internal strength we didn’t know was there.  These moments of disruption are a branch in our path; either towards ruin and desolation or towards growth and positive change.

The choice always has been and is yours.  How will you choose?

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