Purpose Needs a Plan and Action

Find your purpose and everything will follow… but only if you take action.  Finding purpose and a meaning to life is a wonderful thing.  It has been necessary for me to feel that I know where I want to go in life.  A new purpose doesn’t just magically become fulfilled though.  Knowing where I’m going but not how to get there leaves me frustrated, I need a plan.  Knowing where I’m going without motivation to act is worthless, I need action.  Having a plan and taking actions are the next two key steps in a life after purpose.

Without my life-statement I was lost, as I mentioned in my last post.  So I created my purpose and made it real in my life-statement.  This helps me a lot because I know what I want my life to look like.  Without the life statement I don’t know where I’m going in life.  The life-statement gives me focus on what makes me happy and fulfilled.

Understanding what I have and where I am right now is important.  It helps me to know what my current situation is and how it measures up to my life statement.  Part of my life-statement is to be “self-directed, authentic and social”.  Knowing this gives me the ability to look at where I am now.  I see I am not as self-directed as I want to be.  One thing that I know will help make my life more self-directed is to be more financially secure.  This way I can do what is best for my own happiness without having to worry about the financial impacts.  That takes a lot of planning though and actions to achieve.

Looking just at this element of financial freedom I have taken steps to reach my ideal.  A key step was educating myself by reading.  I read “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham (among other things) to learn how money and the stock market works.  Money has always been this magical power in my life which I had little control over.  With this knowledge though things change.  I am more “self-directed” in my life because I now control my finances.

By understanding my goals in life through my life statement I was able to know where I wanted to go.  Then I was able to look at my current situation and know that I wasn’t where I wanted to be.  Finally, I took action to educate myself.  This changes the way I interact with the world and gets me closer to my goals.  I am continually learning too and know that it’s not a one time thing to educate yourself on any topic.  We must always use life as an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you know your destination that’s a great first step.  Without a plan and actions though it’s only a dream.  If you don’t create you will end up frustrated and fearful of change.  Change can be a powerful tool to improve your life.  By being clear about your destination and actions you can control the change.  Fear not what used to be, it is not an anchor that holds you down.  The past gives way to what you create with your mind and hands.  Go out in the world and make it your own!

Nothing endures but change.”

— Heraclitus

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