Disrupt Your Life!

You are the master of your own destiny.  You decide what you choose to do every day and you decide if you are going to disrupt what isn’t working for you.  Even in those times when your choices suck and are limited you can choose how you approach them mentally.  Coaching is no different.  It is a partnership but it is only going to work if you are willing to face your fears and take control of your own life.  It’s not easy to do that but you can, if you so choose.

You will achieve better results in your life through coaching because you are taking actions to move forward and disrupt your life.  You will have me to hold you accountable, challenge you, and drive results.  You will use my tools, education, training, and expertise to ensure that you are successful.  This will allow you to reach your goals quicker and more easily than if you were working on your own.

Through your disruptive partnership with me you will:

  • Work on your goals in safe, inclusive and nonjudgmental environment
  • Be challenged and held accountable for results
  • Define your purpose and create possibilities
  • Be responsible for your own success
  • Be given feedback, planning, structure, love and belief in your ability to blow away your targets
  • Have a partner in your life who’s goal is your success and fulfillment of your purpose

You will benefit from working with me if you are looking for disruptive and dynamic change in your job, your relationships or your finances.

Your work should be a lot more than just a paycheck.  You can work to create clear and achievable career goals to move step by step towards your next promotion, a better job, or even your new career!  You will identify what is holding you back and how to overcome those roadblocks.

Your relationships define your happiness in many ways.  You can create and build successful relationships in your life be they with friends, coworkers, family or romantic partners directly through your actions.  You can improve your communication, identify and overcome conflicts and find love in your life by creating a better you, a you who you love.

Your money is your ability to sustain your needs and obtain your wants.  You can transform your relationship with money from one of subservience to one of mastery.  Money is just a tool and if you learn to use that tool you can control its power.  You can create and achieve financial goals which meet your needs and lifestyle and I can create an environment with you to make that happen.

Want to know more about the benefits of coaching?  Check out the International Coaching Federation by clicking here!

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