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Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.”— John Sinclair

What is Disruption Coaching?

Coaching is a profession that focuses on growth, change, action and dynamic shifts in perspective to achieve spectacular results in your life.  Coaching is a relationship which exists between the coach and the client which is focused on moving the client forward to attain their goals and achieve their purpose.

Coaching is a process which requires you to take action while your coach holds you accountable and moves you forward by actively listening, powerfully questioning, and goal setting.

You can also find news and articles about coaching through the International Coaching Federation by clicking here.

What qualifies someone to be a Disruption Coach?

The International Coaching Federation certifies coaches to ensure that they meet ethical guidelines, have obtained training standards and have been observed by mentor coaches to ensure quality and consistency in practice.

Is coaching therapy?

Coaching isn’t therapy because it doesn’t try and fix the past and it isn’t consulting because it doesn’t give you answers.  Coaching does help you to identify and create purpose in your life and to develop a specific plan to move towards achieving that goal.  Coaching is a collaborative process to get you answers fast.

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